Black Friday is early this year! Need a gift for someone special, an upcoming event or just want to impress?  Ordering cookie trays with our distinctive and delicious cookies make a great gift or event to remember. This holiday season be sure to delight your family and friends with their favorite cookies. Our cookies are homemade with premium, all-natural ingredients and will make any special occasion sweeter and more enjoyable. Cellophane wrap and ribbons included to match any occasion. 

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Our story begins in January of 1983, when two cousins joined forces to start a local bakery business in New York. Sebastiano “Sal” Buzzetta and Rosolino “Jerry” Cracchiolo started their operation by making classic Italian bread and cookies for the small Italian neighborhood of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.
Throughout the past 39 years, Sal and Jerry’s Bakery has experienced much expansion, growth and change, with a broadened product line that now offers a wide array of Italian cookies, traditional and specialty breads, handmade pastries, delectable desserts and more. Retail, wholesale and gift options are always available.

It is our honor to serve and share our culture and traditions with our customers. Buon appetito!

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Your Nonna never used egg powder, or milk powder, or water for that matter. She used whole fresh eggs, fresh milk, pure cane sugar, quality flour, butter and vanilla. 

Through the years our competitors have diluted the quality of their products to keep prices competitive. Switching to artificial ingredients, liquid sugars and water creates a dry

and tasteless product.

At Sal & Jerry's our promise is to always use authentic and fresh ingredients; you will notice the difference!